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Super Bowl Ticket Price Fluctuations Look Like A Stock Market Bubble


Everyone thought that the New York area would make for a great Super Bowl venue because everyone has tons of money to waste on luxuries, and if there’s a place in the U.S. where people will pay an arm and a leg to attend Super Bowl weekend, NYC is that place. As I usually say, the only time EVERYONE is in agreement about a consensus, that consensus is almost guaranteed ... Read More »

2014 Stock Market Outlook Part 2/5 – 2014 Market Outlook

Stock Market Outlook for 2014

2014 Stock Market Outlook: General 2014 Market Outlook Part 2/5 of my 2014 Stock Market Outlook Series serves to summarize what kind of things might impact the market in 2014, and what in particular we are watching for to guide price action in the coming year. I updated this post a bit. In case you missed it here is part 1/5 – 2013 in Review When analyzing a general 2014 Market ... Read More »

2014 Stock Market Outlook Part 1/5 – 2013 In Review

Bull Market Wall Street Stier

I originally wrote the 2014 Stock Market Outlook as one long post but when looking back to read it, I realized it is simply way too much information. So I have decided to break it into 5 parts and release them daily throughout this and next week. Enjoy Part 1: 2013 in Review Part 1 of 5 – 2013 in Review Below you will find my rant filled, extremely biased, probably ... Read More »

Jingle Hoops: NBA Players Play Musical Baskets for Holiday Ad


The NBA put out its newest ad to market their holiday jerseys, “Jingle Hoops” played to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” For some reason basketballs + basketball sounds, make for incredible catchy advertising. Remember the Nike Dribble Commercials? Those were the talk of the town and spread like wildfire, spawning many, MANY spoofs. This time bells are attached to the nets, and Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, James Hardn, Steve Nash ... Read More »

Game Theory Based Contrarian Football – No Punting, Kick Onside Everytime


As a contrarian thinker, I am a huge fan of coach Kevin Kelley’s approach to football. Contrarian football is a new term for me, but not for Kelley. His team no longer punts the ball, and kicks onside kicks almost every time. In case you have been living under a rock for the last 50 years, this is completely contrary to how traditional football is played. He effectively said “I ... Read More »

Van Damme Does Split Between Two Backing-Up Volvo Trucks


The nerd in me loves this commercial. Doing a split is hard, most people can go alllllmost all the way down. Doing a perfect straight line Van Damme Split is really hard. But you know whats even harder than that? Backing up a big 18 wheeler truck in a straight line… Backing one truck up a little, while turning it a little, while the other truck keeps pace, then backing ... Read More »

American Apprentice: A Crazy Idea For the 2016 Presidential Election


I’m not sure if this is an idea for an new show, or a new form of government… Probably both. I call it American Apprentice, and I believe in today’s America it is the best way to decide the 2016 Election. Judging by the direction in which this country is headed, I think the next logical step is to vote for President American Idol style. Well actually American Idol, combined with ... Read More »

Cherry-Picked ObamaCare News: David’s Bridal Reduces Employee Hours to Part-Time


Patrick Howley at The Daily Caller wrote about an alleged memo at David’s Bridal reducing employee hours from full-time to part-time, allegedly as a result of ObamaCare. I would like to address Patrick, his line of anti-Obama(Care) stories, and his articles’ echo chamber of commenters. A memo reportedly went out Monday from the corporate offices of David’s Bridal to store managers informing them that all employees have been moved from ... Read More »

Big Crime, Small Fine – Fraud & Misdealing: Corporate America’s Newest Positive NPV Investment

Eric Holder Source AP

Big Crime, Small Fine… Is it just me, or has fraud, misdealing and despicable business practice become a positive NPV investment that huge companies just go about executing knowingly and willingly?  Forget the Enron days where every now and again one company cooked the books to paint a pretty picture for investors. The newest trend is blatant fraud and misdealing. It seems like these companies go into their boardrooms and say lets see ... Read More »

Ali G: Rezurection – Sacha Baron Cohen Signs Deal with FX Network

Ali G: Rezurection coming to FXX

Ali G is In Da House!!! After being off the air for almost a decade, Sacha Baron Cohen is coming back… This time to FXX, FX Network’s second channel. The new show is titled Ali G: Rezurection, and aims to premiere in February 2014 on FXX. This is a great move for FX Networks, as they grow their line up of awesome shows which includes hit shows like: Legit, It’s Always ... Read More »

Generation Tech: One in three kids learn to use a mobile phone or tablet before they learn to talk

Generation Tech: Baby with an iPad

A new Freakonomics trend is forming. Kids are mastering technology before they learn to speak. It is difficult to even attempt to predict what kind of implications this will have on this new “Generation Tech.” Malcom Gladwell suggested that one of the biggest factors in Bill Gates’ success was his immense exposure to programming by the time he was in a position to act profit from this experience. How about ... Read More »

Forgotten Bitcoin Purchase makes Kristoffer Koch a millionaire, almost.

Rise of Bitcoin

They say sometimes in investing, it is better to buy, walk away and forget. Since the market has not really acted this way in the time that I have been participating, only Gold and Bitcoins have really rewarded this strategy lately. Enter, guy who buys 5000 Bitcoins for $27 in 2009, presumably around $0.005 a piece, and forgets all about it. Bitcoin’s recent front page exposure finally jog’s Kristoffer Koch’s ... Read More »

Are The Washington Redskins Changing Their Name to The Washington Bravehearts?

Washington Redskins or Washington Bravehearts

Washington Bravehearts? Seriously??? They could have at least went with “Scalp Collectors”  I personally am extremely offended for the Native Americans… The Redskins went from portraying Native American strength to a team representing some Scottish warrior who fought for Scottish independence against the King of England. I don’t see how that’s relevant. A neighbor of Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has registered the name Washington Bravehearts for use for “entertainment in ... Read More »

Russell Brand – “300 Americans have the same amount of wealth as their 85 million poorest Americans”


Russell Brand sat down with BBC’s “Newsnight” and went on an extensive rant on his views of wealth distribution. Jeremy Paxman kept pressing brand on his refusal to vote, but Brand was not deterred.  Brand pointed out an alarming statistic in the process. Do 300 Americans really have the same amount of wealth as the poorest 85 million Americans? Paxman spent more than half of the ten minute interview pushing ... Read More »

When Alan Greenspan is Bullish… RUN!! Run for the hills!

Alan Greenspan Making Market Calls

Oh boy… I haven’t had a chance to delve into my contrarian ways, but here’s a sneak peek. I never claim to have the ability to call tops. But, I wouldn’t say that I abstain from trying. The key is to weigh the prevailing factors of the current environment and balance those with where we came from, and what the landscape looks like going forward. I will discuss my contrarian ... Read More »

PA Voter ID – You Will Be Asked, But Not Required

PA Voter ID Law

I can’t get enough of this Voter ID ad. I am not even sure what to call this kind of marketing.  They made an entire ad about getting an ID so you can vote, just to subliminally say that you don’t need an ID to vote. Can we call this negative space marketing?? You say 30 seconds worth of nonsense filler, just to can ephasize three key words “but not required“. ... Read More »

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